Learn how to gain weight and build muscle mass. Complete weight gain programs designed for skinny hardgainers only.
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MuscleBuildingCoach.com specialize in helping skinny guys gain weight.

We are the #1 resource for building muscle online.

Our members are all striving to improve their bodies AND help each other along the way.

Our private "member's only" community has over 24,000 members.

It is the largest and longest running private community dedicated solely to building muscle.

Since 1998, we have helped over 100,000 people across 122 countries learn the right way to build muscle.

That's right...

Created by "former" skinny guy Anthony Ellis, MBC brings together the top muscle building training programs; the top muscle building experts and a helpful, supportive community.


What Do The Experts Say About Us?


Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto"...Anthony has also done a superb job of explaining in plain English the exact steps you must take every day to gain mass, while also giving the scientific rationale behind his plan (but without being too scientific).

This program teaches you about weight training, nutrition, aerobic training, stretching, food choices, hormones, supplements, motivation and a whole lot more - plus you get the tools you need to implement the plan.

Some of the testimonials and before and after pictures - including Anthony's own - are pretty mind boggling. After reviewing the course myself, it became apparent to me why so many people get better than average muscle gains on this program."

Tom Venuto
Fitness Expert & Author


Tony Blauer

"Anthony's transformation in size and strength was truly astounding...As I conducted the class, I noticed definite changes in Anthony's confidence and athletic performance. He was much more dynamic with his drills, and was no longer hesitant to pair with much larger partners.

I'll tell you this, he not only gained more mass, but he developed 'functional' muscle. He was a lot faster than ever before and now he had the mass & power to support the tactics."

As a trainer and consultant to many athletes, including martial artists, police officers, and soldiers whose lives depend on their body, I see first hand the differences more power and strength make. It can be the difference between success and failure, or even worse, life and death."

Tony Blauer
Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.


Bill Phillips

"...Anthony you are in inspiration!"

Bill Phillips
Author of Body For Life


Who's Using Our Program

Our muscle building program is used in 122 countries worldwide. We have helped people gain weight from Afghanistan to Australia, and from Canada to Croatia.

We have the most widely used weight gain program in the world!

Our users are students, doctors, lawyers, firemen, and many others. Many of our users are in law enforcement or the military. For them, building muscle can be a matter of life or death in some situations.

We have active military users from the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corp and the US Coast Guard.

As well as users from military branches in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

We Are Here To Stay

Fads come and go - but there is only one program that has been online for 10 years, AND has more success stories than all other programs combined. Here are a couple:

Gained 20 lbs of Muscle in 16 Weeks

"It's been 16 weeks since I started the program - thank you! I have gained twenty pounds of muscle (I started at 124lbs) and weigh more than I ever have in my life."

Kevin W., Washington

Gained 16 lbs Since Start

"I have worked out on my own before I found your program, and even kinda made up my own program for eating and exercise schedules and stuff.

Your program has done more for me in 2 weeks then mine did in 3 months.. so I have no regrets at all.. every part of my body is bigger and I'm up +16 LBM since the start..."

Jason D., Florida


Our members receive Instant Access to:

  • Muscle building ebooks, courses and programs that you can download instantly!

  • Dozens of pre-set muscle building workouts.

  • Ready-made weight gain diets and easy to prepare meal plans.

  • The largest members-only, muscle building forum & support community.

  • Cutting edge fitness software.

  • And much, much more!

All of this material is designed to do one thing... Teach skinny guys the fastest way to gain weight. To learn more about what our members receive, please continue the tour by clicking the link below.